With a revised people purpose and strategy, the team at GBG wanted their global FY 2023 kick-off to feel special. To be a step above a Teams meeting and be an event that inspired their global employees in their future. 


We helped GBG deliver their very first live, vision mixed, virtual event. But it wasn't just one event. It was three broadcasts across three time zones all hosted by different presenters. The broadcasts consisted of minimal slide content and focussed on engagement and interaction with the audience through the use of online tools to capture their ideas and questions.

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 19.46.49.png


Engaged audience

84% reported that they enjoyed this new format for their global kick-off events.

Inspired audience

81% said they feel inspired to go and smash the year ahead.

Connected team

Over 92% agreed that following this event they feel stronger together as a team.

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