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“Joe and the team at Chameleon enabled us to create a very special immersive and interactive TV set installation which was central to our Town Hall event and supporting the launch of the Paramount UK’s Peak Sustainability campaign. We were able to make a striking visual impact during our Town Hall, which appealed to both employees attending in-person as well as those who joined virtually and we especially liked the way the set was created to change each day enabling the team to feel very involved with our company vision.”

Kelly Todd, Manager of Corporate Communications at Paramount (Viacom)

Paramount Peak



How do you engage employees with the launch of your sustainability strategy? 

With an interactive installation of course.

To help launch their Peak Sustainability strategy we worked with Paramount to create a sustainable interactive TV set installation that first served as the TV set for a town hall and then went on to become an interactive installation, changing every day for 10 days, educating employees around different pillars of sustainability.


The launch kicked off with a town hall that featured Ben Fogle, Dan Walker and the Paramount leadership team. Following this Paramount employees could explore the installation and learn about what small changes we can make in different areas of our lives to help towards a more sustainable future.

Thanks to The Surgery for helping with some of the design.

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