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The Power of Animation in Marketing

Follow in the footsteps of animation giants such as Pixar and Studio Ghibli by creating your own stories with animations for marketing purposes.

Animation is an incredibly powerful tool used by many to help tell their unique stories. Animation companies use the art form to express their visions and messages, but even the likes of Pixar and Studio Ghibli had to start from scratch just as we do with our projects. If you have ever thought about using animation to help tell a story, spread a message or sell a product/service, then be sure to read on for our unique marketing ideas concerning the artform.


We believe almost every single business owner who is serious about marketing their business or product should look into creating animated advertisements. Incorporating animation into advertisements will leave a lasting impression on those who view your product, as it is not every day you see them marketed in this eye-catching way. The uniqueness of animation ensures consumers start to see your product in a different light, more appropriate to the personal message you are trying to deliver.

If you have visited our homepage before, you should know how useful we think animations are! The quick edits, colours and overall presentation suggests the type of brand we like ourselves to be - fun and approachable but professional and reliable. They don’t have to only contain colourful imagery, either. Video advertising shots from advertising companies can be included to break up the bright colours with real-world imagery, highlighting your line of work. In our case, it is event directors, producers, strategists, creatives, designers and technicians, so imagery and footage related to these roles are included.

Video advertising support may not always be available or even fit with the type of work you produce, so a good route is to look for an animation company to bring your vision to life. The likes of the John Lewis Christmas adverts fully utilise animation to take their brand to the next level in terms of storytelling, with viewers commenting on its emotional effect and recognisability. Its unique use of animation helps put eyes on their brand and, therefore, products, which is the process’s ultimate goal. Animation production companies are at the heart of this and know exactly how to entice new customers.

Other Uses of Animation in Marketing

Perhaps it may not be a full-on television advertisement you need, but hints of animation throughout things such as your website instead. Animated transitions can genuinely be entertaining even at the lowest level. The amount of times we see simple transitions with no animation on websites really is something to behold. Compared to animated transitions on websites, the satisfaction and level of detail are miles apart. Just like Pixar and Studio Ghibli aim to grip their audiences’ attention with entertainment and creativity, marketing strategies also aim to grab people’s attention with techniques as simple as these.

According to Wyzowl research, video remains a “key priority” for marketers with usage and spend increasing throughout 2020, and it is likely to increase again over the course of this year. Not only that, but the pandemic has “overwhelmingly” increased the number of online videos people watch, which suggests that animation has the potential and power to succeed if used correctly. With more eyes on screens than ever before, animation is a tool that can help businesses stand out from the crowd.

Animation can be especially helpful when trying to communicate a complex idea or product, which cannot be done with a regular video or set of images. Animated concepts can be whipped up, showcasing what a product may look like with the right amount of funding put into it. Written copy highlighting the product’s features can similarly be brought to life by putting the imagery into the reader’s heads via animation. They can be seen as animated tutorials with voiceovers walking you through what the product has to offer or telling a story within a short amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Animation can create a unique and engaging experience for people viewing your business or product for the first time, getting them hooked and potentially creating a new customer in the process. Our animated explainer on our homepage perfectly explains what we can offer you, something which can be broken down into four parts which include:

● The problem

● The solution (the product or service)

● How the solution works

● A strong call-to-action

Even simple things such as this explainer, animated GIFs, and other animation forms can bring a sense of professionalism to a website or marketing video. The key is to grab your target audience’s attention with the animations and then keep hold of that with a product or service they may be interested in. Always go above and beyond to make yourself as appealing as possible.

With animation being a powerful marketing form, which may be overlooked by many companies, it is always best to get support to ensure your content is the best it could possibly be. Contact us at Chameleon today for strategic and creative campaigns as well as content and production, or you can view our virtual events page for more information. We have got everything you need to create an unforgettable experience from start to finish, without the stress.

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