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The Classic Work Party Just Won’t Do Anymore

Employee engagement is something that should be at the forefront of every employer’s mind right now. At Chameleon, we have been working diligently with different clients to look into this issue and ultimately assist in making the workplace a more unified, harmonious place to be for all. Here are some of the things that we have found.

The classic work party just won’t do anymore

Now, this is a bold statement and we aren’t saying that booze, food and entertainment aren’t a great combination for a good time. But if you are wanting your employees to engage and also take something away from the event that will help them feel more like a part of the business strategy going forward, the planning needs to go deeper. With the separation of office and workspace becoming the new normal, it’s easy to see why employees have felt distanced from their company’s vision.

Communication of new initiatives may not have been that well executed in the difficult adjustment period of transitioning to Zoom meetings. Or company growth and successes may not have been as easily celebrated and rewarded. Events are an excellent way of combating these issues, and we love working together with a company to think of a new and innovative event that will make employees feel part of the company and its growth, and not just a number.

Hands-on and all in

When we say just a party won’t do, we mean it. Chameleon prides itself on developing new varieties of events, challenging companies to think outside the box and try new ways of encouraging employee engagement. We recently took over the offices at Paramount and we were able to go beyond the snack bar, instead really celebrating all the hard work that had been put in by the team. We branded the offices, created a cinema room and invited Radio DJs to come along to help their team celebrate the launch of Paramount+ in the UK.

There is also something to be said for turning our heads to the top dogs of tech, scheduling hackathons can be used to engage employees and learn from them whilst also being fun. This helps with engagement as it includes the employees in business strategy and reminds them that they are an integral part of moving the company forwards. Getting the team hands-on with the company’s strategy and vision is a very powerful way to increase employee engagement.

Scheduling launch parties to roll out new initiatives is a great way of creating a buzz around the office and when done well can really include staff in changes, rather than relying on the trickle-down method of sharing information. Many companies are also starting to host their own Expos, with sneak peeks and far-out looks at the future of the company, again reminding their staff members, we are in this together for the long haul, and nurturing a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. Many employees don't know the ‘true why’ of what they are doing and have no say in how things can be improved.

Bringing this forward enables employees to connect on a deeper level with the company’s vision and strategy and how they are making a difference in the work they do. There is also a new culture emerging of doing what is right for your company. In other words, not hosting a Christmas party in the month of December because tradition dictates it, but using the budget for something that will benefit the people in the office most.

Immersion for growth

In summary, when we are looking at throwing the ultimate office party, go beyond the snack budget, think complete office take overs and immersive experiences, next level appreciation and fun. We took a look at a previous article on Manchester Digital about current recruitment challenges and its clear to see that employee retention is the name of the game and that there is a “drought in the North West” talent pool. Thinking about moving forward with the times and hosting events/ social media takeovers that show what your company stands for and where you are heading will allow current and prospective employees to see that you are delivering something that they want to be part of.

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