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Helping a Start-Up Develop a Series B Pitch Presentation

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Developing an engaging Series B funding presentation is critical to a start-up's success when seeking further investment. We recently worked with PetMedix to develop the content and design for their Series B investment presentation.


"The Chameleon Agency were excellent to work with. Even though they aren't subject matter experts in our field, they quickly got to grips with the key aspects of our work and helped us shape the content, not just the design. They were incredibly responsive, with very rapid turnaround times. We were thrilled to work with them and will definitely be going back for all of our future design needs."

Jolyon Martin, Founder and Business Development at PetMedix Ltd.


Why did PetMedix need this presentation?

Driven by successful entrepreneurs, PetMedix is a start-up in the Animal Health industry, using pioneering technology to develop antibody treatments that help keep pets healthier and happier for longer. With a successful Series A funding round, PetMedix were developing their Series B funding presentation and needed some content and design development to bring the presentation to life and make it engaging for investors. Furthermore, while the team had been successful in raising their Series A investment with a deck they had developed themselves, the amount of money sought at a Series B round is much higher and so a certain degree of professionalism is expected from investors.

How did we help?

PetMedix engaged us to help develop the design direction for the presentation, help refine the content and then provide a fully designed pitch presentation. To get there, we followed the following process.

Step 1. Get to the know the brand

Helping a brand with their content and design direction means understanding who they are and what their story is. On our initial calls with the team, we asked them about their history, why they are doing what they are doing and their projected future.

Step 2. Understand the audience

Content and design should always be developed with the audience in mind. In this case, that audience is investors. We worked with PetMedix to understand their potential investors, asking a series of questions to help understand more about the target audience.

  • How much do the audience understand the content? Do parts of it need rewording and refining to make it clearer and more impactful when reading in a hurry?

  • How would they view the content? Laptop, phone, tablet?

  • What would their typical day look like? How busy are they?

Step 3. Brief the designer and review design concepts

A good designer will be able to look at a set of brand guidelines and a brand's website and be able to develop concepts for any piece of content. A

great designer, however, will be able to understand the audience and shape the design concepts to better communicate that content. We briefed our Head of Design comprehensively, allowing them to get to grips with the brand and the reason behind the Series B investor presentation.

Once the four initial design concepts were done we reviewed them with PetMedix, taking elements of their favourite parts and going through two round of amendments until we arrived at the final presentation design concept.

Step 4. Developing the content

Whilst the designer was working up the design routes, we were working on the content of the presentation. Understanding the flow, helping refine the wording and how it was presented across the slides whilst always keeping the end reader in mind. We helped ensure that it ran cohesively from start to finish so that whomever read the presentation would understand who PetMedix are, what they are doing in the market, why they will be successful, and what they are looking for to help them on their journey.

Step 5. Putting the pitch presentation together

Once the design direction was finalised and the content at a good point, the presentation was put together by a PowerPoint Designer. Throughout this stage, the PowerPoint Designer helped take the content further and brought it to life with varying design mechanisms to help communicate the story as best as possible.

What was the impact of the project?

Early feedback shows potential investors are showing interest and there has been a lot of positive feedback from their existing investors.

  • “Looks fantastic to me - thanks for the hard work.”

  • “I think this is REALLY good now.”

  • “Thank you for the outstanding work you did with the PetMedix deck. It really looks great now.”

  • “Flows well.”

If you'd like to speak with us about helping you connect with your audience please get in touch.

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