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Set Up for Summer: Make Your Business Stand Out in a Busy Arena

Do you want to prepare your business for reopening? Discover how you can use Content and Virtual Events to reopen with a bang.

The next few months will be crucial for businesses across the UK. Lockdown restrictions have eased, things are starting to get back to normal.

At The Chameleon Agency, we believe that your business should be starting to market now for the busy schedule ahead. By not taking the opportunity in this small window of time to do something about your business, you will lose out to competitors who are prepping and targeting the return of customers. It could mean a world of difference that will benefit you in the long run.

We have identified two aspects to help you understand where to go next: Content & Production and Virtual Events. These aspects are integral to your business’s survival.

Content & Production

If you have not thought about content and production already, you will need to do so right now. Planning and drawing up content ideas takes enough time on its own so, by starting now, you will give yourself plenty of time to strategise and release the content at perfect intervals.

Animation is a non-expensive alternative to something which may be live-action. With a live-action video, you need to consider camera equipment, cast, lighting, and more, while animation can be a lot more straightforward as well as easier to create. The time frame of getting customers interested in your business before the summer will also require you to think on your feet. Animation can be a great option depending on which company you approach.

Another outside the box idea which is easy to set up and generate interest from is a client case study. Being able to show potential clients how good your business is prior to them setting foot within your shop is fantastic, to say the least. Client case studies also show off your talents without actually having to be smug or self-congratulatory. No one likes a show-off, but everyone loves to see your product receive excellent reviews that are also genuine.

Although we mention animation as a great alternative to video, it is essential to note the qualities that video can bring. Maybe you want to show your journey throughout lockdown or the journey to getting back open between now and when it is permitted. Perhaps you want to show the progress of your facilities or what is new for your existing customers. Whatever it is, it is always important to keep in touch with customers online with this type of content.

Collaborate and work together with another business to help each other make content; whether it is bringing on a well-known guest blogger, involving influencers, or collaborating with another company, all options help start gaining that interest. Be sure to get it out on social media to boost engagement, and soon enough, you should be seeing new customers turning up during the summer. It will be a perfect start to what is undoubtedly going to be a busy period.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are a fantastic alternative to physical events. You have the option to create smaller ‘warm-up’ events which can all lead up to bigger virtual events. Perhaps look into the possibility of hosting hybrid events, too, if you are given the green light to do so. Hybrid events can be the best of both worlds by providing fans of virtual and physical events the choice of either or both.

The smaller ‘warm-up’ events can be seen as teaser events and ease your customers into what you have in store for them. You can even test the waters and make improvements based on user reviews. Create a series of mini-events with a narrative intersecting them. Being the architect of the events, you can be as creative as possible - add in VR elements or increase engagement dramatically.

Hybrid events may be possible as well. The in-person element may work well with a small group of people, so be sure to keep an eye on the news regarding its possibility. You can even contact your local authority to check whether this is achievable or not. Having the in-person element will only boost the appeal of the hybrid event. Your customers may want a mixture of hybrid and virtual events. It is up to you whether this may be successful in the lead-up to summer.

Finally, if you have found success with these taster events, then be sure to plan for a ‘grand finale’ during the summer. Generating that hype will only see your bigger event end in success. Promote your business as much as possible, and you should hook new and reliable customers - the ultimate goal for these events. Whether it be a broadcast, live stream, virtual exhibition or conference, we believe that your virtual event can inspire countless people to take action.

For more info or anything else you may need this upcoming summer, contact us at Chameleon today, and you could receive help with creative campaigns as well as content and production. Or you can view our virtual events page for more information. We have everything you need to create an unforgettable experience from start to finish, without the stress added on top.

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