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Which Events Can Be Virtual?

Convert your event ideas into breathtaking virtual events. From reaching customers to providing entertainment or business events, there are plenty of ideas out there.

Have you been thinking about organising a virtual event but are struggling to get past square one? Do you find yourself grasping a creative idea, but giving up as you aren’t sure how to execute it properly? Do not worry! Virtual events are a new arena for most businesses so it is completely understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed or confused. You may not know it, but most events can be converted into virtual events or even hybrid events! However, it can be challenging to make your virtual event as engaging as it would be physically - that’s where we can help you.

Many businesses are looking for companies to offer support and help them to take physical events and convert them into virtual events. A successful virtual event planning company should be able to identify and answer key commonly asked questions and create a plan around your goals, target demographic and budget.

One of the questions we are regularly asked is ‘which events can be virtual?’ - but this question is somewhat subjective. A virtual event can be anything you can imagine - a collaborative event utilising social media, concerts and gigs - even interactive virtual conferences, virtual parties or virtual exhibitions. The list is truly endless! Below are a few of the most common drivers we have seen for businesses to pursue virtual events.

Growing an Audience

For successful virtual events that focus on building a community around your brand, you will need to go above and beyond to engage potential customers and build on pre-Covid events. Collaborative events that engage people into doing something on their end are a great way to do this. Many virtual events can be one-way traffic where the attendees are not interacting or doing something themselves, so by involving the audience in your event, they feel included and important. Challenges as part of your virtual event are a perfect way of getting people to engage, so things such as gaining points that show up on a leaderboard and incentives like prizes are great overall.

There are many ways that you can encourage community building, such as setting up a workshop, walking people through what you do, or even having them do something on their end for maximised interactivity. This is ever popular with the likes of the cooking community where people can follow others live streaming a step-by-step recipe of something they can cook at the same time! It’s important to make sure to actually speak with your audience during the event and connect with them as it will help in the long run.

Providing Entertainment

If your business is show business, then there are plenty of virtual event ideas up your alley. Those involved in the entertainment business usually pre-record their virtual events for release, not actually taking into consideration the interactive side of the event. Live streaming is helpful in this area once again, as viewers can watch the performances whilst chatting with others and the performers (when they are not performing, of course!).

Entertainment-led virtual events can also play a large part of team-building. Many businesses organised virtual Christmas parties for their staff where their virtual event included entertainment, like a comedian or band, and they sent their team boxes of goodies to enjoy during the event. They were able to tailor the event to suit the business, making relatable jokes that would land with their audience and even offer awards to the top performers.

Some entertainment-led virtual events are also experimentative - Jenny Yang hosts a virtual comedy club inside the video game world of Animal Crossing monthly called Comedy Crossing. This innovative and somewhat wacky idea takes a popular form of media in video games, a very different approach to the average stand-up events seen online.

Instead of watching something in plain old 2D as we do on our screens - bigger businesses may be interested in seeing how they can implement 3D and even virtual reality into their entertainment events. Immersion is what these tech tools offer, so since we are not able to attend events in-person, then why not bring that to your audience? It is a growing form of entertainment, with virtual reality quickly becoming an essential tool for many in the entertainment business.

Business-Focussed Events

Virtual corporate events can range from conferences to work parties and include rewards for those involved. You may think that these would usually be branded as ‘boring’, full of slideshows and too much information. But it is possible to break these stereotypes and stand out from the crowd. Business conferences can be fun and genuinely helpful for attendees, and it shows as they continue to be one of the most popular forms of online events. There are audiences out there interested in learning how to make it professionally, but you must think outside the box to maximise your audience.

Incentives for attendees are a great way to get them on-board if they were on the fence. To begin with - cash prizes of third-party gift cards or something more in-house which you can offer should help. Many business events offer 1-2-1 coaching or advice with their lead speaker as a low-cost prize. The fact attendees don’t have to travel, and spend money on hotels and petrol, should also be an extra incentive to encourage them to attend.

A virtual event also ensures key speakers can join from anywhere across the world. You could reach for the stars and contact a well-known name in your field of expertise, giving the audience a familiar face as another reason to attend. You could even offer a Q&A session and give your audience the opportunity to ask them questions.

So, what events can be virtual? We believe most events can be turned into virtual events with enough thought and creativity. The pandemic has forced us to convert to digital to survive, taking our audiences online and adding more along the way. Sticking to popular forms of virtual events may work, but getting insights from an experienced specialist is the best route to success. Together, you can think outside the box and be original while staying true to your brand.

These are only a few ideas to take your events to the virtual realm. If you are planning on doing a virtual event this year and need expert input, contact The Chameleon Agency, or you can view our virtual events page for more information. We have got everything you need to create an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

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