Virtual Events Company In Manchester

Virtual Events Company In Manchester

Online Virtual Events

Online virtual events are a great alternative to live events. In this day and age, it is not uncommon for corporate companies to have their teams stationed around the world. Virtual events are a fantastic and engaging way for international teams to come together effortlessly.

Virtual Event Management

The Chameleon agency is the perfect partner to manage your virtual event. There’s no need to worry about the event strategy, the technology and trying to work out how all of the moving parts come together. We manage and deliver your virtual event from A-Z.

Virtual Event Planning

Our virtual events team can talk through all of your delivery options including pre-recorded or live events.


Recorded Virtual Events

We understand that just like a physical event you may also want to record and save your virtual event. After helping you deliver your event we can make your virtual event available on demand.


Live Virtual Events

Many companies worry about all the things that can go wrong with live recorded virtual events. The main worries are often tech and connection-related. What happens if the connection fails or something big goes wrong, the event is ruined. Not to mention the pain of having to reschedule the whole event. Luckily our team have all the backups and remedies in place to ensure that your virtual event is delivered successfully the first time.  

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