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Virtual Events that change what people Think, Feel & Do


Virtual events have now become a core part of company communication strategies and will continue to be a staple touchpoint long into the future. By being able to easily communicate with a dispersed audience, virtual events can help you and your audience connect regularly, rather than once or twice a year at a live event. 


As with a live event, there are numerous pillars to a successful virtual event. Unfortunately, though, it’s not always as simple as opening Zoom and sharing your screen. To really engage and activate your audience, consideration needs to be given to the overall attendee experience and we help people do this by following the below steps. 

Creating an engaging virtual experience

Whether you are planning a town hall, an exhibition, a multi-day conference, or some workshop sessions, keeping your audience engaged during a virtual event is key to its success. A focus on a varied agenda and content is at the core of this. Get your audience involved, get them excited, plan the content around their needs and see engagement go through the roof. We will work closely with you to co-create an experience that will ensure your attendees leave informed, inspired and clear on the key messages that were communicated.

Using the right virtual events UK team & communications platform

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, SpotMe, Bizzabo, GoToWebinar, EventsAir, CrowdCommd, CrowdCompass, Remo, Vimeo, name a handful of virtual event platforms that are currently out there. This list is growing all of the time and it can be a minefield to navigate what the best platform for virtual events is. The truth is, all platforms have strengths and weaknesses, so the best platform for you will be based on your strategy and objectives.

Bringing it to life with the right production

You have an engaging agenda, content and the right platform to deliver it on. Bring it all together with professional broadcast production. With our experience, your event will run smoothly and look as professional as a TV broadcast.

We work with completely remote presenters around the world, providing equipment and vision mixing services, and also with broadcast studios as a base for an event with additional presenters dialling in via video to be a part of the show. So we can tailor our setup to whatever your needs may be.

Cut through to the people who matter most to your business.

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