Virtual Events that Keep You Connected

Virtual Events have always been a second-best-choice to physical, in-person events. A ‘good alternative' to in-person meetings for dispersed teams, or a supplement for larger physical conferences, trade shows, and corporate events throughout the year.

Today though, an increasing number of organisations are proactively tapping into the unprecedented benefits that virtual events have to offer.

Tell us, would you like to…

  • Maximise your brand’s exposure, extend reach and stakeholder engagement across all corners of the world?

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to create truly immersive and memorable experiences for your audience?

  • Deliver important key messages to your teams in a fun and engaging way?

  • Secure true buy-in for new initiatives, products or services from your teams and stakeholders?

  • Facilitate ongoing, unprecedented levels of interaction and engagement between your audience and organisation?

  • All at a fraction of the cost of an in-person event – for you and your audience?

If your answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ , you’re in the right place

Whatever your challenge, we've got the solution. From complete virtual event production support, to standalone creative and tech provision, no brief is too big or complex for our teams.



Our professional event planners will work with you to develop an event agenda – whether it be for a whole day or week - that keeps your audience on their toes. And our pioneering content production teams will work to create stunning visuals and interactive content that resonates emotionally with your audience and secures their true buy-in.

Keeping your audience engaged for the duration of your event is crucial to its success. But it can be tough to do when people are tuning in from home, surrounded by potential distractions like pets, children, and (believe it or not) housework.

Attendee Experience and Agenda

There’s an ever-growing minefield of virtual event platforms available for you to choose from. And trying to navigate them without knowing exactly what you need can be an expensive and time-consuming task.


Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference, festival, networking event, roadshow, or something else, let us worry about the technical details, so you can focus on what you do best.

Virtual Event Platform Management

There's an ever-growing minefield of virtual event platforms available for you to choose from. And trying to navigate them without knowing what you need can be an expensive and time-consuming task.

Luckily, we’ve been working with these platforms for years, so we know exactly what to look for – and what to avoid - when choosing the right one for your event’s specific needs and objectives.


Live Streaming and Broadcast Production

During a virtual or hybrid event, your exposure to technical issues like ‘dodgy signal’ and audio-visual glitching is quite high. Especially when streaming across multiple countries and continents - even the smallest malfunction has the potential to disrupt your whole event and ruin your attendees viewing experience.

The solutions to these problems are slightly more complex than knowing how to replace a lightbulb or broken microphone on stage, which is why we employ an international network of professional presenters, producers, and technicians with decades of live-streaming and broadcast experience under their belts – to make sure your virtual event is assecure, seamless, and free from audio-visual glitching as can be.


The process – How does it work ?

We won't just design your PowerPoints and shove you on a Zoom call. No, working with us means you’ll have direct access to an experienced team of event producers, designers, technicians and content creators. We’ll guide you through each step of the process, so you’re not just outsourcing a big job, but learning from our experts too.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when working with our full-service team for your Virtual Event.

Phase 1 - Kick off

After our initial discovery call, we’ll set up a meeting with you to discover what really matters about this event – your objectives and desired outcomes. And we’ll use our philosophy of Think, Feel, Do, to create a mission statement that covers what you want your audience to Think, Feel, and Do, as a result of attending your event.

After our first meeting, we’ll use what we’ve learned about your business and event aspirations to create a bespoke proposal and budget. This document will cover everything we discussed - from event hosting platform suggestions, to creative direction, content ideas, logistics, equipment, and more.

Phase 2 – Pre-Production

Once we’ve agreed on the terms and specifics of your event, we’ll start pulling the all-important foundations together. Phase 2 is where we:

  • Refine and finalise the creative and design direction of your event.

  • Plan and execute an engaging communications campaign to drive sign-up.

  • Work with your internal presenters to refine their content and delivery.

  • (If required) Recruit the perfect presenter(s) and keynote speakersfor your event or sessions.

  • Build, design and test the platform your event will be hosted on, to make sure everything runs smoothly, from delegate registration, to attendance and real-time interaction.

  • Plan and perfect your presentations and interactive session content and delivery.

Phase 3 - Testing, Testing.

We’re obsessed with creating the best possible experience for you and your attendees, which is why before your event goes live, we’ll do as many rehearsals as we need to ensure the delivery of the content and the event is as good as it can be. Depending on the scale of your event, rehearsals will vary in length and complexity, but the purpose is to spot and fix any potential issues before the day.

During this testing phase, we’ll also be keeping your virtual event top-of-mind for attendees by sending final confirmations.

Phase 4 - We’re Live!

Put on your best, your event is about to go live.

Phase 4 is where all our hard work over the last few months finally comes together. All you need to do now is sit back, relax, and watch the fruits of your labour pulled off seamlessly.

Phase 5 - Post Event Support

We’re not going home just yet!

Once your virtual event is over, we’ll keep the buzz going with an exciting post-event communications campaign. Using highlight videos, testimonials, presentation downloads, and more, this campaign will drive further engagement, whilst reminding your audience (including those who missed the event) of the important messages you shared.


The Investment

We know you’ll agree when we say that engaging your core stakeholders (internal and external) is one of the most important investments you can make. These people are the lifeblood of your business. They control the quality of your offering and the reputation that you garner. And no business is the same, which is why we tailor every one of our proposals to the unique needs of your business and audience.

That’s not to say we’ll charge what you’d expect from a big, profit-churning events agency though.

No. Because of our flexible agency model, we’re able to provide enough experts, technicians and equipment to host an unforgettable virtual event, starting from just £6,500.


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