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To help businesses engage and inspire their audience with expertly produced events and experiences. Helping them change what people Think, Feel and Do by positively impacting who they are communicating with.

Who are we?

We're a global network of event directors, producers, strategists, creatives, designers and technicians who love to create unforgettable experiences - for our clients and their audiences.

Located all over the world, we've got real skin in the game with hundreds of events and campaigns under our belts collectively, and just as many years. 

Most of us have specialised industry knowledge and experience - in Technology, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Energy, Tele Comms, and more. Which allows us to build the best teams around any business and brief. 

About The Chameleon Agency

What makes us unique?

Bespoke Expert Teams

Expert, experienced teams, matched to your brief. Not just aligning anyone with availability to your project.

Cognitive Diversity

We deliver great ideas and solutions for your project through cognitive diversity as a result of how our teams are set up.

One Tree Planted logo.png

One Tree From Us, One Tree From You

For every invoice paid we plant two trees, one from us, one from you.

Meet the Team

We are made up of many incredible people, we always build teams around a brief. Making sure you get the best team possible to deliver your projects.
But there are core people who live and breathe Chameleon.
Below are some of these individuals who have an eye on all of our projects to ensure they are delivered to the best possible standard.



Founder &
Executive Producer

A passionate producer, Joe has been producing events and communications campaigns since his mid-teens. Delivering award-winning live and virtual experiences for global clients, he is a specialist in shaping experiences and ensuring projects exceed the brief.



Head of Design

With over 20 years of experience as a designer, Matt has worked with brands large and small, helping design bring to life award winning experiences alongside a team of creatives and producers.



Senior Producer

Rich is an award-winning senior producer with over 18 years experience in

producing live events,
immersive experiences, promotions, activations, and product launches. He is experienced at handling projects of all sizes for a broad range of clients



Producer &
Project Manager

Katie has worked as an Events & Project Manager for the last 15 years. With extensive experience in the festival and experiential industries she has a keen eye for detail and planning, making sure no stone is unturned.



Researcher & Strategist

Gabriela is an experienced market researcher and strategist skilled at reviewing insights and planning how these can be used to inform the objectives of a project. She has experience working on both B2B and B2C projects, working with sales, internal communications and marketing teams. 

Our Values & Culture Statement

It's not just our teams that are built around you.

Our values were created with you in mind too. 

At Chameleon, our mission is to always produce expertly crafted events and experiences that run smoothly and successfully for our clients. We work with professionals who are passionate about their work, are at the top of their game and are relentless in the search for better. We allow them to work flexibly and ensure we always deliver great ideas and quality of service.


At the core of our business is flexibility and adaptability. Pulling from our rich pool of professional talent from around the world, we match individuals' skillsets to the specific challenges and demands presented by your brief.


We believe we're only as good as our last job, which is why our goal at the start of every new brief is always to blow your mind with something innovative and new - whether you've worked with us before or not.


From our first meeting to the day of your campaign launch, we'll give you our best and nothing less. We do this by working closely with you and your team, to make sure everything stays on-brand and brief, as well as by nominating a dedicated quality controller to make sure no detail slips through the cracks.

Authenticity & Asking Why

Behind everything we do is carefully considered, strategic thinking. Nothing is ever done 'for the sake of it' or without a clear purpose. This is why we constantly review and challenge our own ideas throughout the creative process - to make sure we're offering the best possible solution for your brief.  

About The Chameleon Agency

How did we get here?

During his career producing events for some of the world's biggest brands in Music, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Technology and more, our founder, Joe Gilliver, noticed limitations that traditional events and communications agencies face - in terms of creative resource and output. So, he built a new kind of agency. One that's as agile as it is creative - where the talent spans continents and pulls inspiration from everywhere. 


Headquartered in the quirky and creative city of Manchester, Chameleon is now a tight-knit network of passionate event and communications experts from around the world. 

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