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event agency Manchester

This year has been incredible for us at The Chameleon Agency, and as we have the privilege to work with more and more clients as one of the top Manchester-based events agencies, we thought that this would be a great time to take a minute to reintroduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our who, why and what.

Who are we?

We’re a global network of event directors, producers, strategists, creatives, designers and technicians who love to create unforgettable experiences – for our clients and their audiences.​ Our team is filled with experts with specialised industry knowledge from a range of fields such as technology, pharmaceutical, energy and telecoms to name but a few.

And our vision is to help businesses engage and inspire through events and experiences.

Why the name Chameleon?

The most well-known fact about a Chameleon is its ability to adapt and change, this is something we take very seriously. With the current economic climate being as is, the businesses that could adapt were the ones to survive. Why a chameleon changes is often overlooked, they do it to protect themselves. We are also very protective of our company and team, our relationships with our clients and our planet. We protect our business relationships by delivering an unforgettable experience regardless of how many times we have had the pleasure of working together in the past. We protect our planet by putting the planet and sustainability first. Though Chameleons are small, they are revered in some cultures for their deliberate movements, we may be small, but we are mighty and our deliberate business model allows us to specialise in what we do and call in any outside experts that the project requires.

What can we do for you?

Flexibility and adaptability are at our core and we can pull from our rich pool of professional talent to match individuals’ skill sets to the specific challenges your brief presents rather than just seeing who is available.

We are constantly reviewing and challenging our own ideas, to ensure that we are offering the best solution to the brief and that we have thought of everything. The sustainability of your project is always at the forefront of our choices and we can ensure that our choices of vendors and materials are always carefully considered. We love our work with One Tree Planted, and plant trees for every invoice paid. In an industry that at times has to rely on single-use, we pride ourselves on taking control and ownership of our impact where we can.

Whether you want your event to take place fully face-to-face or you need the ability to broadcast online we can provide a seamless experience. Since 2021 we have been delivering hybrid event experiences for Convatec and have had incredible success with these. Despite their offices being global, we managed to create a two-way interactive broadcast with multiple language translations (happening simultaneously), to engage each audience in different locations and allow them to share their ideas in real time through interactive polls, Q&A sessions and breakout workshops. Employee engagement was actually made into quantifiable data on a recent brief from Three, after a successful event we organised saw their employee NPS increase over 34 points, and another event left the NPS at +90.

Looking for something a little more eye-catching and excuse the pun, physical? We worked with Total Fitness to boost the uptake of their Squad Session classes. We created an eye-catching modular stand that travelled around different health clubs, with an interactive screen, a gamified survey and space to host product giveaways. Bookings for squad sessions increased by 45% and session attendance went up by 67%.

If you are looking for an event agency, contact us here at the Chameleon Agency to help with your next great event. We can assist with all aspects, from the initial venue-finding to using our specialised industry knowledge and experience to create an unforgettable event or campaign. We look forward to hearing from you.