AI in Events

AI in events
AI in events

As we look towards the rest of the year with hope and anticipation, we here at the Chameleon Agency have started to think of what this year will bring.

Our prediction is simple, Welcome to 2024 – the year of the Robot.

Well ok, maybe not, but it is clear that the use of drones and robots in the events industry is definitely on the rise. From robot operated bars and service at events, drone shows at the London NYE celebrations and robot-based registration, events are leaning heavily into the use of this side of technology, and we think that there are bigger and better things yet to come. 

Where is technology and AI going in events?

The events industry has always been versatile and quick to evolve, just look at how quickly it was able to adapt to the lack of in-person events, and how well hybrid events were received. Robotics is just another step on the event’s evolutionary scale. From planning and using AI to help generate a more personalised experience to using robotics within the event, to data collection at events to better customer service and satisfaction, there is no end to how useful AI and technology can be at an event.

Before the event even starts AI can help audience engagement. Audiences will be able to be divided and categorised by their traits, goals and requirements. The information of those attending will then be used to tailor the experience and help plan moments that will have a larger impact on the audience. AI guarantees that the event takeaway will be more memorable and impactful on those who attend, which in turn can then lead to a better ROI. The efficiency of planning and content creation for the event will also have a huge impact as marketing teams will save time and money.

By automating the registration process and parts of the customer service in the event, with drones being used for food and drink delivery and robot-operated bars, the cost of running an event is now changing. Events are made safer and more accessible, but you still have the benefit of face-to-face interactions for networking at the event. The margin for human error is also dramatically reduced which will again allow for smoother running of events, be beneficial financially and hopefully have a positive impact on attendee satisfaction.

Technology and robots in events are helping to create one-of-a-kind nights, with unique and individual visual effects, projection mapping and the ever-improving drone shows leaving lasting impressions on attendees. Entire shows are now based around robotic or projected artists, reimagining the concept of live performances whilst also making them accessible, new and exciting. There are so many ways to use technology and AI within events, from concept to planning to the actual event hosting. The use of tech for techs sake can be completely eliminated and hopefully, we will see some really innovative and exciting uses throughout this year.